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abandoned holiday park |

abandoned holiday park

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  1. UrbexTreasure

    Report - Pontins Hembsy Holiday Park - Septemeber 2018

    Stumbled across this one whilst out at the coast, left to decay since 2008 due to losing popularity. Since being abandoned Pontins Hembsy had been attacked by arsonists on two occasions, one causing major damage to the main entertainment hall, however the go cart track, rock climbing wall...
  2. UKMahoney

    Report - Sleeping in the Abandoned Hemsby Pontins (May 2019)

    Me and my mate travelled up to Norfolk from London to go back to the holiday park we previously have been too. We wanted to film a video as a joke for our YouTube, and to document what would happen throughout the night in this place. I can only upload photos as this website does not let me post...