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abandoned home

  1. K

    Information - Glencoe 2021

    some of you may be aware who the previous owner was Just off the road in the middle of Glencoe The property has been cleaned up on the outside removing all the abusive graffiti Tiny inside with nothing to say who once lived here
  2. Kaja

    Question - Hampshire abandoned houses

    Hello, I am a film production student and I need your help! :) We are planning to film our piece in April and I am searching for our main location - an abandoned house. And you guys are specialists in the matter :) We are based in Farnham /Aldershot /Fleet area but willing to travel to the...
  3. U

    Report - Okehampton nursing home 3/10/20

    Hey people what’s up sorry I haven’t been active for a long time I’ve been mega busy so though I best upload a thew explores I’ve been on here is a old nursing home with so many items inside I never break in to anywhere or break any rules this place is a big explore and I have a youtube channel...
  4. charlottesartz

    Report - Pincet Lodge, Leicestershire - September 2019

    Hello all, I am an avid reader of 28DaysLater, but this is my first time posting on here, I'm a Leicestershire based Freelance Photographer with a huge interest in urbex and urbex photography! I took a trip out to Pincet Lodge a few days ago, the place is in quite a state, and seems to have a...
  5. Finnegan

    Report - Mountfield House - Musbury, Axminster, Devon - 04/05/18

    Visited this building the other day, was a cool location worth checkin out. It was built in 1865 and seems to be split into 4 dwellings. The building is pretty hidden and not visible from the road, but can be found on google maps if you have a look around on satellite mode. It is straight...