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abandoned home

  1. UEkurt

    Report - The cloud house

    First time posting on here, and from what iv seen this has already been done but this was one of my favourites from this road trip. Didnt manage to find any history or background on this one, but the explore was amazing and the views around the location were even better, excuse the black and...
  2. Finnegan

    Report - Mountfield House - Musbury, Axminster, Devon - 04/05/18

    Visited this building the other day, was a cool location worth checkin out. It was built in 1865 and seems to be split into 4 dwellings. The building is pretty hidden and not visible from the road, but can be found on google maps if you have a look around on satellite mode. It is straight...
  3. Dandelionhands

    Report - Beeby Farm House, Leicestershire May 2018

    Hey so this is my first report on here! I’ve been exploring abandoned places for a while and came across this place on here but it took some finding as the address was nowhere to be found. We drove around the village and found it eventually. There has been a lot of damage to the house including...