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abandoned hospitals in scotland

  1. GreyFox

    Report - Caldwell House, Ayrshire. APRIL 2018

    History Caldwell House was supppsedly built around 1715 as a private residence and estate. In 1927 it changed use and became a hospital for mentally handicapped children. A serious fire broke out in 1995, leaving the house to deteriorate into the condition it now lingers in. Report This was a...
  2. CapturedSoulImagesCari

    Report - Sunnyside Asylum, Montrose, Scotland

    So, based on information here my husband and I drove the 40 mile trip down to Sunnyside on Saturday. First yeah parts are full of dog walking grandmothers (met a few, one was full of interesting information) and kids and families... then there was me, my husband and my camera equipment. The...