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abandoned mansion

  1. Cariad1313

    Report - Seven Pines, Egham, May 2019.

    History Former Mansion of Bryan Forbes and Nanette Newman. It is currently estimated to be worth £2.5m although other reports seem to have found different estimations. It was purchased in 1955 for £7,000 by Newman and it quickly became a cherished family home. Newman has spoken openly about how...
  2. ginsters

    Report - Kinmel Hall - North Wales - May 2018

    After a few failed attempts last year, we managed to get into Kinmel Hall and had a nice chilled out explore. Even met a few fellow explorers inside. I think we may have been the last explorers to get access to the place as some people moved in the following weekend, and I've heard access has...
  3. Cariad1313

    Report - Bodens Ride House, March 2019

    Bodens Ride House more photographs over on my Instagram. History As other reports have mentioned, there's not much history of this place online. Seems like it was a beloved family home that was left in a hurry. Although I found some information on another thread suggesting that the owner may...
  4. U

    Report - Cosgrove Manor - Buckinghamshire - 09/05/2019

    7th October 2016 via BBC News: A fire has gutted a Grade II-listed mansion in Northamptonshire. The fire service was called to the privately-owned Cosgrove Hall, near Milton Keynes, just before 14:30 BST. BBC reporter Stuart Ratcliffe, speaking at the scene, said: "Only the stone shell of the...
  5. ShutterSlut

    Maison Cinderella

    This is a mansion in Belgium with an amazing bit of ground around the mansion itself. The mansion is 4 levels high and has its own bar, kitchen, 6 bedrooms , 2 bathrooms, a attic and 3 stairs non of them connected. It is a beautifull locaties that is not so hard to acces . For more photo’s of...