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abandoned village

  1. VaeVictis

    Report (Permission Visit) Oradour Sur Glane Village (July 2014)

    Hi all, Appreciate this is not really urbex as such (it's more a visitors attraction!) but it may be of interest to some people here for a visit, it also has an interesting, if dark history and is a good example of what happens if it is left for over 70 years. Mods - If this isn't urbex...
  2. chidgeyb94

    Report (Permission Visit) Abandoned Tyneham Village - December 2019

    Had to visit this place whilst on my Christmas hols with the family was a true reminisce on how life used to be. this place has been abandoned since world war 2 and now lays on a Ministry of Defence Firing range which is only open to the public on weekends. unfortunately due to the season all...