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  1. J

    Report - Kev’s house, near Market Weighton

    So we have been to a lot of different places, varying from RAF bases to abandoned houses, but this has to be one of my favourites. Kev’s house situated in the East Yorkshire country side at the start of a forest, is this lovely 3 bedroom house, it was rented for numerous years by a man called...
  2. J9URBEX

    Report - Ghyll House Farm, Horsham, August 2020

    Quite an interesting one this one. A few abandoned buildings in one location with quite a bit of stuff left behind. The main large building was a shared housing which become abandoned after a fire unfortunately ripped through the attic space in 2015, leaving 8 people homeless. There is so many...
  3. venetianurban

    Thelema Abbey, Sicily

    This was one of my favourite finds. Researched this before i went travelling around Southern Italy back in 2014. Wasn't easy but found it. Jumped in the tiny window and off i went. If you'd like to read up more about the former infamous owner Aleister Crowley, here's a link to a Wiki page...