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  1. T

    Report - Crown and Horseshoes Pub, Maidstone, 2015

    The Crown and Horseshoes was a pub in Langley, Maidstone, Kent, United Kingdom, it closed down around 2014-2015. The building stood abandoned for a while and was turned into a Cannabis factory - these pictures were taken a few days after the police raids. A new pub, The Potting Shed opened in...
  2. O

    Report - Shanghai palace (the beer engine) Wigan, July 20

    My first post so please be gentle, I’m hoping that this site hasn’t been reported so I can gain a bit of kudos and start my journey of being welcomed into the inner circle. Lockdown has had me googling all kinds of weird sheet and it seems that other people enjoy wondering around abandoned...
  3. oshepherdphotography

    Report - Hare and Hound Pub- March 2018- Shropshire

    I found this pub a few years a go when on the way to my partners house and had wanted to venture inside for months! On the way back from an other explore we stopped off and had a look around. History I don't know much about the pub but I did get some information from a friends parent who...
  4. J

    Report - The Wenlock Edge Inn - Shropshire - 2019 - still stands today

    I’ve been to this place a few times. It still fascinates me as to why everything was still there. There’s boxes of glasses, beds, biscuits and kettles from like 2013 there’s planning permission that’s there too. There’s so much there I can’t even reel everything off that’s left. Here’s some...
  5. Abandoned-Sheffield

    Report - The Durham Ox, Sheffield - September 2019

    One of the many pubs that were situated around Broad Street, now it seems it may only be this one and the Ye Old Harrow that still stands. There really isn't much at all inside this pub and there is little indication that it was actually ever even a pub. You can check out all my photos from...
  6. Abandoned-Sheffield

    Report - Ye Old Harrow pub, Sheffield - September 2019

    One of the many pubs that were situated on Broad Street, now it seems it may only be this one and The Durham Ox that still stands. Sadly, there isn't much left inside this pub, as the whole place is severely fire damaged. You can check out all my photos from this explore here on my Flickr...
  7. E

    Report - Hotel California (Birkenhead)

    I don’t really have much information on this place only that it’s been a club, hotel and restaurant. It’s been called revolver and also hotel California. I visited the disused railway tracks the same day as here. (Also done a post on that) The place is in process over being either demolished...