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  1. T

    Newbie needs help

    Hi, im Tink. I live in the west Midlands and am looking for places to explore in this area. Can anyone recommend anywhere to go please? Ideally nothing too dangerous as I wanna take my 16 year old son with me so he can learn how to do this stuff safely and treat places and property with respect.
  2. Ambsxv

    Hello new here!

    Hey everyone, just introduce myself a little bit m names amber 21 from Kent Me And my boyfriend are really interested in urban exploring and we’re going to get into it when we have correct stuff but at the moment we’re sort of looking for the best place to start with so if anyone’s willing to...
  3. I

    Question - Safety tips

    So, I’m new to all of this exploring stuff and I’ve just found an abandoned school that me and my friend are wanting to go have a look at, however this is the first real abandoned building I’ve been into. Does anyone have any tips? Whether it’s to do with the ideal clothing to wear or stuff to...
  4. Jadeb

    Unknown in Cliffe, Kent

    Hi all, So went exploring in Fort Cliffe today, found the Fort and the air-raid shelters and then came across this in an open field, but I'm not quite sure what it is... Can someone please help me so I can research the history a little more (still learning! L Thank you
  5. J

    Newbie here

    Hi all, new to this, I'm aware from what I've seen ppl don't like giving locations etc out.. I've done some research on a couple places I want to take a look at, what general advice can you all give me, regards access, will I come across problems or security? Are most places accessible? Thanks...
  6. BazzaBizarre

    Hey peeps

    I have been told to come here to find like minded people and to learn about exploring. Been to a few places to take photos/ Gartloch Hospital / St. Peter’s seminary / Eastend House. Awesome places. could anyone give me any pointers on how to find more places? in Scotland? I’m in Glasgow but I’m...
  7. Rachael_Mason

    Newbie Explorer here!!

    Hi, I am a complete newbie to exploring and was wondering if anyone knows of any places that are relatively easy to get into?! I have done loads of research online and have come across a few places and was wondering if anyone has visited them recently? Sunnyside Hospital in Scotland...
  8. meganodonnell

    Recommendations for 2 newbies in Milton Keynes!

    Hi everyone :cool: we are new around here ! We are based in Milton Keynes and would absolutely love to know of any abandoned buildings we can explore if you have any recommendations! We are keen to check out Wolverton Works but not sure how to access it, or even if we can access it at all. We...
  9. Alanasian96

    Finally decided to join!

    I’ve been visiting the site for a while before actually joining as I kind of wanted to get the basics pinned on how people present themselves here as well as the do’s and don’ts etc. Buzzing to see so many of the reports here are informative & helpful and people’s photography is immense! Small...
  10. IvyAllura

    New. Some advice please :)

    Hey guys I'm Ivy... Ive only just signed up on here and been desperately searching for locations in the Norwich area. (Turns out im not very good at it ) I have been looking for photoshoot locations as been asked by photographers for various locations in my area... and location is so much more...
  11. SomersetScavenger

    Hello from Somerset.

    Good evening all! My name is Ell and I’m a 21 year old male from Taunton, Somerset. I enjoy photography, adrenaline and exploring! Recently kicked off this hobby of urban exploring and finding old run down places to mooch around and admire the beauty of what was. Now unfortunately being in...