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  1. Eggwizzy

    Report - DIO Aldershot - Aldershot, Hampshire October 2023

    Intro Now, theres not a whole bunch to report on this place, so I'll try to keep this report concise. However I notice there was no information on this place on 28DL and it brings me great joy to introduce the community to something new, even if it is a bit tame, so here goes. Also don't get...
  2. T

    Report - Cambridge Military Hospital, Aldershot - March 2020

    Pretty sure we all know this one so I’ll keep it brief but I still wanted to post it :) History - Cambridge Military Hospital was a hospital in Aldershot Garrison, Hampshire, England which served the various British Army camps there. It was active between 1876-1996. Explore - Access was...
  3. LDVincenzo

    Report - Caesar's Camp - Upper Hale Reservoir - Aldershot

    I've been meaning to post this explore for some time now, 2 years later and here it is This is my first explore and so I will keep it brief as I know there are many more comprehensive reports on this site. You are greeted by a vast undulating rooftop with access points dotted around, beneath...