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  1. lmaosophie

    Report (Permission Visit) Auschwitz I & Auschwitz II-Birkenau, Oświęcim - April 2017

    Hello! I posted recently in the New Members section asking if a report on Auschwitz would be welcome here - it isn't technically abandoned, but I thought that it may be of interest to some people here, and the answer was yes, so here it is! I went to Auschwitz I, the main camp, and...
  2. E

    Report - Drove to Chernobyl!

    Hello! So me and Cameron enjoy exploring abandoned shit, explored a lot around the uk and drove to Berlin and explored some ww2 nazi training camps and a ww2 chemical factory which was also cool. In May we decided to go all out and drive from Scotland (Lockerbie) to Chernobyl..calling in at...