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  1. Elcamino;)

    Report - Centre Bastion-Swale (August 2023)

    The Centre Bastion we know today was built in 1825 during the expansion of De Gomme’s original Sheerness Lines defences from 1670. It was originally armed with 64 pounder guns only for 2 10” mark 111 RML guns to be added. These were loaded with ammunition from the magazine tunnels below which...
  2. Elcamino;)

    Report - Bastion No.1 -December 2023, Swale

    Often mistaken for the nearby Centre Bastion or somehow the fort at Garrison Point (by clickbaiters and idiots), Bastion Number 1 was part of the “Sheerness Lines” which is basically like the Western Heights or Chatham Lines of Sheppey but with a water-filled moat. The old Sheerness Lines were...

    Report - Z ROCKET BATTERY, St Margaret's : Dover, UK - April 2022

    St Margaret's Z-Rocket Battery Shelter, Dover - April 2022 Z ROCKET, St. Margarets - Dover, April 2022. Contrary to popular belief...I've been told that this WAS NOT infact a Z Rocket battery... But a 4x 5.5inch Coastal Gun Battery..Apparently. there is no evidence to support it was even...
  4. Ashpope667


    Dont know much about it.
  5. FavouriteWorstNightmare

    Report - East Tilbury Battery, 04/19

    “Situated just half a mile away from Coalhouse Fort, East Tilbury Battery, was constructed from 1887-93 and supplemented Coalhouse Fort as part of the Thames’ coastal defence system. It housed six long range firing weapons, mounted on disappearing carriages. There were two six-pdr guns on the...
  6. SoutheasternExplorer

    Report - Old Woking HAA Battery

    Saw this while driving past and thought I should stop and take a look. Not in great condition with heavy graffiti and lots of rubbish inside, including plastic chairs and sleeping bags. From Subbrit: "The only surviving structure, located alongside a footpath is the battery command post which...