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  1. BazzaBizarre

    Information - Information on getting started

    Alright troops. As someone who has only recently started exploring I was finding it hard to find places to visit and where to even start looking, so I thought I’d share a site that I’ve been using to find places to explore - some of the information on the buildings on this site are outdated so...
  2. Pomshka

    New from Derbyshire!

    Hello all! I've been following Urbexing websites and YouTubers for a while but have never actually done any exploring myself. I've mostly been living vicariously through everyone else. Does anyone have any "babies first Urbexing" tips, easy locations etc! Even any cool photos you've taken and...
  3. BellasAbandonedAdventure

    First timers - Cornwall, Uk

    Hello everyone, My name is Mitch and I want to discover a handful of abandoned places within Cornwall with my daughter Bella; she is 6. if anyone has any tips, advise of where to start (we are north Cornwall and willing to travel) or of anyone has any meets or wants company for a future trip we...