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  1. reisskerr

    Report - Birkenhead Railway Tunnel

    Nothing too exciting… I’d heard of some railway tracks and decided to check them out. Lots of overgrowth, graffiti and lots of fly tipping, so not many photo opportunities. Part of the old railway tracks on the wirral side of merseyrail, this specific part being underneath birkenhead by the...
  2. F

    Report - Birkenhead Dock Branch Line and Haymarket Tunnel, Wirral- June 2020

    The History: The Birkenhead Dock Branch is a disused railway line which runs for about four and a half miles between the South Junction of Rockferry to around Bidston Dock, as part of the Chester and Birkenhead Railway. Some of the line runs through Haymarket tunnel and there was a level...
  3. Сталкер

    Report - south atlantic building, Birkenhead 2019

    The South Atlantic Building, Vittoria Dock Complex, Birkenhead was Built: by W.H. Boase & Company Ltd about 1960 so not very old by all accounts its purpose was to be the Wharfingers office for the Blue Funnel line and it remained so until Blue Funnel left in about 1970 when it was taken over by...