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  1. MK83

    Report - Tarmac building materials - Little Lever, Bolton - July 2021

    History - Not really much history on this place. It was a factory that manufactured concrete construction goods. It looks like it was opened around 1948 and closed in 2019. Explore - We noticed an article about houses being built on the site of this place so we went for a quick look while in...
  2. S


    History Local records show that Charles Turner & Co was started up in 1834 by John Livesey. Livesey was a papermaker who had previously been in partnership with John Magnall. Who in his early years was involved with the manufacture of textiles, later becoming manager at a Waterworks. The...
  3. MK83

    Report - Springside Paper Mill, Belmont, Bolton - December 2020

    History - Original built in the early 1800's as a dye works it was converted into a paper mill by Charles Turner & Co in the mid 19th century. It was sold to Canadian company Kruger after 150 years of operation to be used as a tissue factory. It eventually closed in 2007 after almost 200 years...
  4. MK83

    Report - Egerton House Hotel, Bolton - October 2020

    This has been done a few times but we where in the area and had some time. History - Egerton House Hotel dates from around 1860. Before becoming a hotel the building was owned by a local businessman who had made his fortune in the mills. In 1979 its owners extended the hotel’s restaurant. A...
  5. A

    Question - Belmont Bleaching works

    Has anyone been to Belmont bleach works ? We went twice and we're not sure if the camera system is automated as it only spoke to us after like 5 minutes of being detectes
  6. Clarky1503

    Report - Crofters Arms Hotel, Bolton - May 2018

    Smudges A.K.A The Crofters Arms Hotel or Mcgees was also used as various restaurants over the years and has been a staple part of Bolton's drinking culture since the 1800's. A truly stunning time capsule rotting away in the very heart of the town. Featuring numerous artifacts and some stunning...