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    Report - Heaton Royds School - Bradford - March 2020

    HEATON ROYDS SCHOOL Shipley, Bradford, England March 2020 Thought I'd pop a report up for this explore as I don't think there's been one yet on here, probably for good reason. Sorry, I know the pics aren't the best. HISTORY Heaton Royds School was a primary school located between Bradford...
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    Report - Carnegie Library - Shipley, England - March 2020

    CARNEGIE LIBRARY Shipley, England March 2020 HISTORY Carnegie Library, on the corner of Leeds Road and Carr Lane, was built in 1905 after Andrew Carnegie, a world famous industrialist and philanthropist, donated £3,000 through his Carnegie Trust for the opening of a new library...
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    Report - Barkerend Mills, Bradford, Jan 2020

    Barkerend Mills Bradford, England January 2020 - HISTORY Barkerend Mills is complex of former steam-powered worsted-spinning mills which began construction in 1815 by the Garnetts family, who owned much of the surrounding land. The Garnetts kept adding more buildings to the complex and the...
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    Report - J S Jonas Ltd Premises, Bradford, Jan 2020

    J S Jonas Ltd Premises Bradford, England January 2020 - HISTORY Opened in 1876 originally serving as a Victorian Sunday School, this Grade II listed building is located on the corner of Burnett Street and Upper Park Gate, part of the precinct known as 'Little Germany' in the centre of...
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    Report - Mode Nightclub, Bradford, Jan 2020

    Mode Nightclub Bradford, West Yorkshire January 2020 - HISTORY The notorious Mode Nightclub is located right next to the Alhambra Theatre and behind the abandoned Odeon Theatre in Bradford City Centre and has been empty since 2011. Sources suggest that the club was shut down following...
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    Bradford Lad looking to explore

    Hi guys I’m from Bradford, I’m looking to get into a bit of urban exploring, Iv done very little in the past and would just like to see if there is anyone local who knows some good places or if there is anyone wanting to link up and explore!