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  1. Tom Ellis

    Report - Shoreham Cement Works, West Sussex- August 2020

    History The site of the Cement works has been used in limestone and cement production all the way since the 18th century and was the first location in the UK to use Vickers Armsrong Kilns. The earliest recording, I could find, of the quarry's existence was from 1725 where it was only a small...
  2. F

    Question - Brighton, East Sussex, looking for explorers or groups.

    Hey :D I'm a complete newbie to urban exploration but would love it give it a go. Not knowing any other place to start I thought finding others to team up with might be a good idea. Is there anyone in the Brighton area who would like to team up and start exploring somewhere?
  3. Chloe Explores

    Report - Preston Barracks, Brighton - December 2017

    History: Preston Barracks was a military installation in Lewes Road, Brighton. When we explored this two years ago, there was two remaining buildings left on the site. One building had been developed and was called “Field”. But when the university scheme went through that got demolished and the...
  4. Tom Ellis

    Report - Fullers Earthworks, Redhill, Surrey- October 2018

    I've been wanting to go to this place for sometime now. I love photography and abandoned buildings and this place just looked incredible. I had briefly been up to the site on my way to Tonbridge Wells in mid August to scout the place out and look out for things like security and how to get in. I...
  5. T

    Question - Tunnels in and around Brighton ?

    Does anyone know of any accessible tunnels in or around Brighton? Want to experiment on lighting tunnels for a project. I'm aware of the one from Brighton Pavilion to the Dome and various access tunnels to the beach, as well as the disused Kemptown railway tunnel and an of air raid shelter. Any...
  6. Five.Claws

    Report - St Aubyns Prepatory School, Rottingdean, East Sussex - April 2018

    Howdy once more, fellow explorers! This a very strange and personal report for me, as I myself attended this very school back around 1998 - 2001. It's safe to say the explore brought on some very weird mixed emotions... the usual excitement of course, but this time tainted with sadness and...