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  1. astatine

    Experienced Rooftopper/ Urbex looking for a partner that lives in or near Bromley, Kent to go on madnesses.

    Hello, I live in the bromley area and I’ve done a lot of rooftopping and crane climbing around my area. I’ve even jumped into the Thames from Tower Bridge () I live in Bromley, Kent and am looking for someone who’s experienced or just all around dedicated to exploring abandoned and weird...
  2. G

    Kent Explorer

    Never explored before but looking to start after lockdown, got a decent camera setup and all. Any good locations in/around Orpington, Bromley or Tunbridge Wells?
  3. A

    Hi from South-East London/Kent

    hey! i'm still new to urban exploring but have been wanting to do it properly for a long time now after stumbling across a building local to me one night and having a look round a while back. last night i did a proper explore and i'm about to do my first post. if anyone in the area or maybe a...