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  1. T_Explorer

    Report - St Peter's Seminary in Scotland - October 2023

    Hello, Everybody... I hope you are all having a pleasant day. I recently visited St Peter's Seminary in Cardross and did some research on the history of the location. The building opened in 1966 and was known for its modernest/brutalist architectural design. During its years of activity, the...
  2. C

    Report - Perceton House (1968 extension) council offices, Irvine, Ayrshire. December 2018

    Hey folks, this is my first post on here, tho I've been an UrbEx-er for a good few years ;) Until about 9 years ago this used to be my head office ...drove past it a few weeks back, only to find it in the process of being demolished. Well, I couldn't miss the opportunity to "find" a way in to...