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  1. Marchez72

    General - Derelict bungalow surrey - August 2019

    In August 2019, I was shown this wonderful little bungalow in Cobham, tucked away behind thorns and bushes and other things that would rip your clothes, The roof as started giving away in areas, so I’m hoping to go back soon before it totally goes (especially with the rain we’ve had). I’ve only...
  2. Webb7 Photography

    Report - Bludgeoned Bungalow - Northwich - July 2019

    History After visiting this building and coming out of the property, we got speaking to a couple of the locals and asked about the history of this place. Safe to say we were shock and surprised to find out the story behind this one. The couple who had owned this property had been together for...
  3. eddsup

    Report - Radon Bungalow, Near Tavistock Devon, Feb 2019

    Sorry no history on this. The bungalow has been cleared of any paperwork. Some family photos but no dates. There was a newspaper from 2002. A neighbour said the person now associated with the place is in prison, wether true or not I don’t know.