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  1. dansgas1000

    Report - Bayer Waste Water Treatment Plant, Cambridgeshire - February 2023

    Introduction This is a site I found on satellite imagery a while back, and I thought I’d give it a quick look while me and @V50jake were in the area checking out a few other places. Information & History The water treatment plant was used to pump and treat water from the demolished Bayer...
  2. Wastelandr

    Report - Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory, Cambridge - December 2020

    So I took a little drive out to splendid Cambridgeshire. After deciding to climb half a radio mast; which takes me an age, we didn't get there until dusk. Nonetheless, it made for some great starry long exposures which I haven't seen too many of online. The explore was very straightforward, but...
  3. A

    Report - Upwood Hill House, RAF Upwood, Cambridgeshire

    I've been exploring for a few months now and this is my first report so all feedback is greatly appreciated. This building caught our eye on the way to another location, so we thought we would take a look. We were at first slightly puzzled as to what this building could've been used for, due to...
  4. willquash

    Report - Castle Camps Radio Mast Cambridgeshire

    Saw this radio mast and it looked interesting from a distance so my friend and I decided to cycle over to try and climb it. I had never climbed anything before so decided to start with this radio mast as it is in the middle of nowhere, so the chances of being caught are practically zero (Only...