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  1. Berserker

    Report - Hamilton Lodge, Colchester - October 2023

    THE HISTORY: The care home, Hamilton Lodge, was one that catered towards people with learning disabilities, mental-related issues, and the elderly. Established in 1942 and undergoing a refurbishment along the way, Hamilton Lodge could house up to 34 people on its 18 acres of land. Selbourne...
  2. S

    Report - Wren Park nursing home-Bedfordshire-September 23

    This was a roadside spot and after a search on google when I got home discovered it was Wren Park nursing home, the majority of the site was now demolished however the house was still remaining. Wren park looked after patients with dementia, sensory disorders and younger adults under 65. The...
  3. Five.Claws

    Report - Pine Heath Care Home, Holt, Norfolk - May 2023

    Had this one pinned on my maps for some time now after reading a news article about it a while back. Today I happened to be working close by so figured it was the perfect opportunity for a look around. While by no means some kind of untouched treasure trove - the usual hoodlums have got in and...
  4. K

    Report - St Aidans, Gattonside - April 2021

    First report so please be kind haha! St Aidans was built in the 1820s by Sir Adam Ferguson, a close friend of Sir Walter Scott, and then expanded upon by George Bainbridge. The house had several owners throughout the 19th century until finally becoming the headquarters of The Brothers of Charity...
  5. Crissisdecon

    Report - District Hospital - Leeds - Aug 19

    Explore: little remains inside the building with very few items shining light on the original use of the building. the main attraction left is the level of decay of the building, paint stripping from the walls, water and fire damage etc. not too much else to say about the explore as it was...
  6. J

    Report - St Peter's orphanage/school Gainford August 16th 2018

    Seen this one a lot as I drive past it all the time however, I got the chance to stop and have a look around. Talk about dangerous buildings, this was a death trap! Floors caving in, wires hanging was like a horror movie setup! Here are the photos, enjoy!
  7. A Train

    Report - Derelict Nursing Home, Cambridge, march 2018

    Yep. I'm aware this was a few months ago but is still worth posting I guess. The buidling is near the point of collapse and almost went under my feet as I explored. I'll stick the photos below in no apparent order. Right, that's the best of the shots. The rest turned out very blurry as I do...
  8. TheUrbexHub

    Video - Pen-Y-Bont Court Care Home

    Hopefully this won't be regarded as one of the poor quality videos that are apparently too common on this forum and I hope you guys get some sort of kick out of this old care home thats filled to the brim with old furniture, belongings, memories and history! Not much is known about this old...