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  1. Z

    Report - Poplars carehome Walton on the naze 27th May 2021

    Have been past this many times and my neighbour actually stayed in there for a while before he passed. Decided to check it out today and it was a very cool explore, basically untouched no vandalism or anything. Most doors were locked but found one :) lights were all still on and power to the...
  2. Han1990

    Hana exploring Northwest UK

    Hi. I started exploring a few days ago and came across this site as well whilst searching for places to go. Mainly around cheshire and Stockport. Been to ivy house in northwich and Belmont care home in Cheadle so far. Both great finds would recommend
  3. PlanetClare

    Report - Mossley Care Home, Liverpool. June 2020

    This place closed down a few years back amid some proper horror stories of how residents were treated there, and I gotta say some of the rooms had a proper grom feel to them. Still it was gorgeous to look around, that staircase and stained glass window were breath taking.
  4. plod

    Report - Alexander Court Care Home, Harrogate, July 2016

    The History Formerly known as Waldern Heath, the 85-bed home lost its nursing registration in July 2014, after CQC took enforcement action due to the poor quality of treatment uncovered in an inspection that took place early July. As a result of the closure, 28 elderly residents have been...
  5. Scho264

    Report - Mossley Manor - Jan 2019

    This care home made national news for all the wrong reasons, The owners were pure evil. They also own Katie's house. This is the saddest explore we have been on the neglect the tenants must have suffered is untrue, We didn't know the back story before we visited. Before it was a care home it was...