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  1. L

    Report - Mossley Manor Care Home - April 2022

    … :) Here we visited Mossley Manor Care Home in south of Liverpool. Outside and inside was absolutely stunning, as always it’s such a shame to see buildings in this state. There are some floors within Mossley Manor that are falling through, so be very cautious!!!! The building was huge, there...
  2. L

    Report - Josephine Butler Care Home, Liverpool - April 2022

    Care home in the South of Liverpool. First of all this place was lovely inside, outside on grounds had some tents set up, I’m guessing homeless but no one there when we arrived, we had a quick look around on the lower ground but it wasn’t untill we got upstairs to the first floor, there was a...
  3. Derelict ghost

    Report - Westbury House, Hampshire. June 2022

    Some history: Westbury House is a country house in Hampshire. The house was built in the Palladian style but rebuilt in brick after a fire in 1904. It subsequently became a boys' preparatory school before becoming a care home until it closed in the 2010s after being rated inadequate by...
  4. PlanetClare

    Report - Mossley Care Home, Liverpool. June 2020

    This place closed down a few years back amid some proper horror stories of how residents were treated there, and I gotta say some of the rooms had a proper grom feel to them. Still it was gorgeous to look around, that staircase and stained glass window were breath taking.
  5. plod

    Report - Alexander Court Care Home, Harrogate, July 2016

    The History Formerly known as Waldern Heath, the 85-bed home lost its nursing registration in July 2014, after CQC took enforcement action due to the poor quality of treatment uncovered in an inspection that took place early July. As a result of the closure, 28 elderly residents have been...
  6. Scho264

    Report - Mossley Manor - Jan 2019

    This care home made national news for all the wrong reasons, The owners were pure evil. They also own Katie's house. This is the saddest explore we have been on the neglect the tenants must have suffered is untrue, We didn't know the back story before we visited. Before it was a care home it was...