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  1. lcmd

    Report - Milner Fields/Sir Titus Salt Jr's House, Saltaire - April 2022

    The Titus Salt House was built in 1873 by Titus Salt Jr., three years before the death of his Father, Sir Titus Salt, who founded the local town of Saltaire - a world heritage site as one of the last fully maintained Victorian Village, which was in turn built to house the workers of the mill (at...
  2. Seffy

    Report - Underground cellar/obelisk, High Street, Bristol - Dec 2019

    Underground cellar in central Bristol - the obelisk on High St by Castle Park (opposite former Norwich Union building) First off this is by far NO epic, but I think one of the questions I've ben asked about exploring in Bristol is 'what's down that door by Bristol Bridge' or ' have you been...