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  1. MK83

    Report - Belmont House Care Home, Cheadle - December 2020

    History - Originally built in the 1800's and adapted in 1864 by the architect Alfred Waterhouse, this house was the residence of the Milne family who were the owners of a department store in Manchester named Kendal Milne now the House of Fraser. The house was purchased in 1920 for £5700 by a...
  2. rjbains

    Report - Cheadle Royal Infirmary, Cheadle - June 2019

    The hospital moved from Piccadilly to Cheadle in 1849 when the Piccadilly area became too built up, noisy and unsuitable for the mentally ill and changed its name to the Manchester Royal Lunatic Asylum. By the 1930s, the Hospital was able to pioneer treatments such as occupational therapy, the...
  3. Trvpdoor

    Report - Cheadle Royal Asylum/Hospital UK

    (First post so no hate if this all uploads wrong please) History of the place: Cheadle Royal Hospital, originally the Manchester Royal Lunatic Asylum, is a psychiatric hospital on Wilmslow Road in Heald Green, Greater Manchester, England. Built between 1848–1849, the main building is Grade II...