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  1. C

    Essex Locations?????

    Live in Chelmsford and looking for anything abandoned or interesting in Essex???
  2. the_splund

    New and Clueless in Chelmsford

    Hello to the members of 28 days later, but moreso the experienced ones. My assistant and I, in a feverishly nostalgic attack of reminiscence thought back to the days we frolicked in the abandoned buildings of Devonshire, sneezing photographs and coughing reports all over the internet. We find...
  3. CallumRB97

    General - Midnight Chelmsford Crane Climb!

    So I'm not sure where to deem this as a fail or not... I climbed the crane, got to the top! But on my way down police turned up, surrounded the area and had to do a runner! Pictures aren't great, but I am going to tackle the climb again soon! - were taken using an iPhone 5! Next time will...