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  1. Mr Budge

    Chesterfield Railway Tunnel - January 2024

    Had this on the list of things to tick off for a while so once i found myself with a few hours free one morning it was time for a solo wander and the first outing of 2024. Built in the late 19th century this disused railway tunnel located in Chesterfield was part of the Great central railway an...
  2. JakeV50

    Report - Hunger Hill Pumping Station, Derbyshire: Jan 2022

    Hunger Hill Pumping Station While visiting the Peak District for a birthday treat, I decided to knock off a few pins I've had marked for a while, one of which was Hunger Hill Pumping Station. Situated just west of Chesterfield, this old pumping station was constructed around the early 1920s...
  3. Trubel22

    The lodge - Chesterfield

    Hey guys! Been here a while so I thought I would make my first post. We went to visit the lodge in Chesterfield, though the top of the building is out of bounds due to fire damage, it’s still a very Interesting walk through. There are signs that people still use this building so if you visit...