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  1. dansgas1000

    Report - Black Mill Drainage Pump, Norfolk - June 2023

    Introduction Me and @JakeV50 spotted a chimney next to an active pumping station on the Norfolk Broads on satellite imagery, as it is fairly local to us we decided to take a look a few weekends ago. It didn’t end up being the most exciting place, but there were some interesting remains and a bit...
  2. dansgas1000

    Report - Cemaes Bay Brickworks, Anglesey - May 2022

    Introduction This is a place I wanted to tick off whilst on my North Wales exploring trip back in Spring. I wasn’t expecting much and although there isn’t much to it, I quite liked this place and I found some history on it so I thought it was report-worthy. History & Information Cemaes Bay...
  3. Llama

    Report - Littlebrook D - Chimney Climb 2019

    After scaling Littlebrook's chimney three times over the summer with several mates, and snapping roughly 70 odd shots, I've finally decided to post a few of them... After dealing with the copious amounts of dust, pigeon shite, grease and god knows what else on the chimney's 800 step staircase...
  4. Hvdes

    Report - Wheal Trewavas Mine Buildings, Cornwall - August 2019

    This was quite a nice find that I found whilst I was looking for some of the costal pillboxes that used to line the coast of Cornwall to fend off enemy ships and planes during the war. I don't have much history to this however they are located in between Praa Sands and Porthleven and that...
  5. Exxperious

    Report - Littlebrook D Chimney Climb, Dartford, London, April 2018 STAY IN NP FOR NOW

    Littlebrook Chimney Climb The 705ft (215m) tall chimney is the fourth largest in the UK, sitting on the river Thames next to the Dartford crossing and Queen Elizabeth 2 Bridge. Massive props to @slayaaaa for this one, wouldn’t have been possible without his help. History Littlebrook power...