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  1. Terminal Decline

    Report - Imerys Marsh Mills China Clay Works, Plymouth, Devon - February 2017- October 2019

    History The china clay works at Marsh Mills were begun in the early years of the twentieth century when a large pan-kiln was constructed to dry the china clay which was brought down from the clay pits at Lee Moor by pipeline. A pan-kiln is a primitive form of drying liquid china clay by a...
  2. Lets keep going

    Report - Wenford Dries, Cornwall - December 2018

    HISTORY "The Wenford Dries were built in the early part of the 20th century (probably post-1907) to serve the china clay pit at Stannon on Bodmin Moor some 7.2km to the north east. Liquid china clay was carried in a pipeline from the pit to the settling tanks behind the dries. The dries operated...
  3. Lets keep going

    Report - China Clay Works, South Devon - October 2018

    EXPLORATION After seeing some other forums for this place, I decided to go there myself, on a cold foggy morning, which really helped set the tone, and hide from the workers... I visited this place in hope to find a particular warehouse/factory that is no longer in use, however this aim was not...
  4. Lets keep going

    Report - Wenford Dries, Wenford - November 2018

    HISTORY Built at the beginning of the 20th century to process raw china clay following extraction, Wenford Dries is a huge derelict china clay factory in the quiet countryside of Devon. The building is reported to be the longest Listed building in the UK (over 500m long) and has been derelict...
  5. Terminal Decline

    Report - The China Clay Industry in Cornwall and Devon

    The history of china clay in Cornwall and Devon China clay is decomposed granite where the feldspar had changed into a fine, white powder known as kaolin. Certain parts of the granite uplands, both in Cornwall and Devon process this substance. Today china clay is only mined in the Hensbarrow...