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    Report - Cliffe Fort, visit 2021 - Kent.

    Cliffe Fort - Report - cc2021 Cliffe Fort is a disused and abandoned artillery fort built in the cc1860s to guard the entrance to the Thames from seaborne attack. The fort was constructed during a period of tension with France. It stands on the south bank of the river at the entrance...
  2. Jadeb

    Unknown in Cliffe, Kent

    Hi all, So went exploring in Fort Cliffe today, found the Fort and the air-raid shelters and then came across this in an open field, but I'm not quite sure what it is... Can someone please help me so I can research the history a little more (still learning! L Thank you
  3. Llama

    Report - Brett Aggregates North Sea Terminal, Cliffe - March 2020

    History: Brett Aggregates was first established in 1909 by Robert Brett. Since it's opening 111 years ago, the company has gone on to operate 25 aggregates sites in the South-East, including Kent, Essex, Suffolk, Surrey, East Sussex, and parts of south and east London. It also operates two...