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climbing up

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  1. RealBBNC

    Lead or Rumour info - Elysium swansea

    Briefly came to visit this spot on 13/01/24, managed to get in but I'm not sure how long it will be do-able due to construction on the grand hotel at the back, also eveything is rotting away still and it's in semi-bad condition. For anyone interested in going here your best bet is to go sometime...
  2. Motherduck

    Video - 4g Antena - Buenos Aires Outskirts- August 2020

    Hello, i had been lurking around the northern part of Buenos Aires for a while now, and as far as i got explained ,this Antenna bounces 4g.5g (internet and cellphone) signal all around the Far Northern Neightborhoods of the City and the beggining of the Provinces. The coast visible is the Rio...