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  1. Wastelandr

    Report - Severalls Mental Hospital, Colchester - 2015-2023

    This place needs no introduction. It was perhaps the quintessential asylum. Not only was it of mammoth scale, but its architecture seemed perfectly aligned with what stereotypically springs to mind. It was one of many across the country of what I loosely dub the ‘second wave’ of county asylums -...
  2. Wastelandr

    Report - Return to Severalls Asylum, Colchester - Sep 2022

    So I decided to take a look at what had become of the classic Severalls Asylum in Colchester, Essex earlier this year. Like many of the UK's asylums it is being converted into a luxury housing estate. Whilst some asylums have been totally demolished and others have been entirely kept, this one...


    COLCHESTER ODEON/REGAL CINEMA HISTORY The original Odeon cinema in Colchester was formerly known as the 'Regal Cinema'. It was designed by Mr. Cecil Masey, whom was well known architect that specialised in the cinema industry, The Regal was built in cc1931. The structure has a Spanish-style...
  4. Seffy

    Report - Braintree Campus (Colchester Institute), Braintree - Jan 2020

    Braintree College of Further Education (Braintree Campus) Have struggled to find particularly much about this place online. It was originally an independently controlled institution, but became part of the Colchester Institute after merging in February 2010. Part of the site is still live as...
  5. anulbuttmonkey

    Report - 'The Towers' Essex Uni, Colchester April 2019

    my SECOND report plz don't rinse me Its a block of buildings for students at the university of essex in Colchester. they total 1142 rooms and one of them the one we climbed is under refurbishment was with a friend COOL explore. was up there for a few hours. sunny day we just out there tanning...
  6. Megmog93

    Report - Colchester Garrison's Officers Mess

    Hey guys, im new to this world and came across this old building in Colchester, essex. I believe it to be old garrison. As i was solo, and saw what i believed to be a pocket knife on the floor, i didnt stay long. However, i managed to get some good shots