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  1. FavouriteWorstNightmare

    Report - "Marmite Cottage" Ipswich, Suffolk- May 2019

    After doing loads of digging I finally found this location from an old article about the owner. The guy who lived here would terrorise his neighbours, to the point where he got arrested and even restraining orders to the cottage. Here is one of many articles found online...
  2. stevewalpole

    Report - 1-2 Whitehouse cottages sandy lane essex

    here is some photos of old derelict cottages. I was told the last person an old lady moved out around 1989 so possible been abandoned since then.cant manage to find much history but anyway here are some photos enjoy. the cottages a few years ago. behind view old fire...
  3. Megan93

    Report - Cottage on North Cornwall Moor

    Found this beautiful little cottage in the sticks on Bodmin moor. It’s pretty much still in tact got everything inside it. Looks frozen in time still had washing up left on the side by sink in kitchen. Have no history on this place unfortunately guessing a farmer lived here as has no road going...
  4. Stacy Gillie

    Report - Jimmy Savilles former home visited Nov 5.

    *possible trigger warning* A small cottage in the heart of glencoe once owned the late paedophile Jimmy Saville where as many as 20 individuals were said to have been abused, now sits empty since his death, bought by a builder from Edinburgh in 2013, the cottage has now been boarded up due to...
  5. Provingdemons

    Report - Abandoned Cottage, Lifton, Devon, August 2018

    I honestly don't know much about this home, according to the last dates I could find on the location, the last living occupant Pamela Bates passed away in December 2008 and it has been abandoned since, as well as the husband Bernard Bates had passed a couple years before. Was an awesome snoop...