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  1. Endling

    Report - CCP Highway Depot, Milton Green, Cheshire - February 2024

    An explore celebrated for its lack of vandalism and graffiti, this old maintenance depot in the sleepy village of Milton Green was the first of 2 successful explores myself and @CheesyKennita would tick off the list this day. --- HISTORY Closed around 2011, the Milton Green depot was both a...
  2. dansgas1000

    Report - Milton Green Highways Depot, Cheshire - June 2023

    Introduction This is a place I have seen pop up a couple of times on here. I really liked the green decaying rooms so I wanted to take a look for myself. This was one of the first stop-off points for mine at @jakev50’s trip last month up Manchester and Liverpool way. Surprisingly, it turned out...