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  1. tezo

    Lead or Rumour info - Ushaw college fire Durham

    Arson investigation underway after fire at listed college chapel shame after all these years and someone tried to burn it down... they now have fence around and security on site.
  2. Webbs0710

    Report - Deep Mine Headstocks, Part 4, Northern England, Various Locations, 2022-23

    So here it is, the final report* on the remaining Headstocks in the UK! *I'll probably have missed something else, so there may be more in future 🤔 Part 1 - Here Part 2 - Here Part 3 - Here I'm aware of another three that are underground; Bwlch Glas which I mentioned in Part 1 The Sir Francis...
  3. Boots432

    Report - Wolsingham rail depot - deep dive 2023

    While visiting a location close to here. I totally forgot about this place... After finding a way in and exploring the initial shed. A gap in a door was too tempting not to shimmy under. And upon exiting the shed a rabbit hole opened up, please enjoy a selection of pics that I took on my...
  4. I

    Report - Ammunition Depot

    We found this old abandoned ammunition depot in Brasside, Durham, Near Frankland prison. It was a ministry of supply ammunition depot for new ammunition and bulk explosives for the Royal Ordnance Factories during World War ll. It was pretty cool, lots to explore! There was a lot of old farming...
  5. F

    Report - Abandoned Factory Ebchester March 2020

    First time exploring and found this abandoned roof tile factory that sits just to the North of the River Derwen on the hillside above Ebchester, County Durham. It was previously owned by Marley Roof Tiles and we found some paperwork dated from 2015 but don’t know when it ceased operations as...