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  1. T

    Video Report - Coventry speedway

    Hello everyone we was on our way up to chorley when we thought we would look for abandoned places on the way up and we come across this beautiful place
  2. chris9140

    Report - Ryton house July 2019

    All though i dont condone tagging/vandalism in any shape or form. a few pictures i took to day while out on my jollys. The site, which had previously formed part of the Wolford and Halle Fields, was part of an Enclosure Award of just over 24 acres (c 10ha) which was made to the Wilcox family...
  3. R

    Lead or Rumour info - Electric Railway Museum closed (Coventry)

    Hi all, Been looking at a few posts on here regarding the Electric Railway Museum, aka Coventry's train graveyard. Sadly, the museum has been forced to shut down and all items from the site are now being moved around the UK. You can see regular updates on their Facebook page...
  4. Red State Connection

    Report - Brandon (Coventry) Stadium - late Feb 2018

    Few of us found our selves at Brandon stadium the other weekend, was a nice random stop off, DSLR was dead so its a mix of phone/gopro photos so i am sorry for that i no the Qual isnt going to be the best but as it was recently in the news again, secruity have reboarded everything and someone...