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  1. Ferret

    Report - For the Love of Cranes

    For the Love of Cranes It’s become easy to look back at exploring over the years with rose-tinted glasses. Whether that’s reminiscing over epic long lost sites such as Pyestock, goons ruining favourite locations, or the more general sense of it’s just not the same anymore. In many cases, it’s...
  2. Korbanter

    Report - Top Floor Tarmac, Cambridge (near enough), June 2018

    Intro We accidentally discovered this site the day before our visit, after having to cancel a London explore, so with little knowledge we headed there and hoped for the best. The Bulding The site itself (NOW DEMOLISHED) consisted of two buildings and multiple conveyors and towers, a bit like an...
  3. Name__here


    Manchester City centre. High up stuff, rooftops or cranes. Hit me up!!