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  1. fastchrisuk

    Report - Dairycrest visit, Devon - May 2023

    Dairycrest, an abandoned milk based factory in Devon has probably been done to death by many on this site but it's the first time in years I found myself in this part of the world! I'd read about a fire here which apparently occurred in March 2023 so I wasn't sure if the site would still be...
  2. Webbs0710

    Report - Dairy Crest, Torrington, June/Aug 22

    Fairly local one for me, and can't pass up such a large site, especially when it's a walk on! Been covered countless times, but it's still clinging on to life. If you're into your Graff, it's more like an art gallery these days. I believe planning permission was obtained for demolition in July...
  3. K

    General - Dairy Crest factory Torrington.

    Dairy Crest factory at Torrington Devon November 2020, a very interesting set of buildings abandoned since 1993. Love some the graffiti in there, some real talent. Next time I visit I’ll put the drone up and maybe explore more of the place.