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  1. fastchrisuk

    Report - Dairycrest visit, Devon - May 2023

    Dairycrest, an abandoned milk based factory in Devon has probably been done to death by many on this site but it's the first time in years I found myself in this part of the world! I'd read about a fire here which apparently occurred in March 2023 so I wasn't sure if the site would still be...
  2. Webbs0710

    Report - Dairy Crest, Torrington, June/Aug 22

    Fairly local one for me, and can't pass up such a large site, especially when it's a walk on! Been covered countless times, but it's still clinging on to life. If you're into your Graff, it's more like an art gallery these days. I believe planning permission was obtained for demolition in July...
  3. A

    Report - Node Court - Codicote - March 2022

    The History Node court was built for the American businessman Carl Holmes in 1928 by Maurice Chesterton. Entering the building, you walk under an archway with single story wings on either side of it. At the back end of the property there is a two-storey cottage with a timber frame balcony...