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  1. xjb95x

    Report - Mid Wales Hospital, Talgarth - November 2020

    First post and first proper explore - hope I do this right. Went to Mid Wales Hospital, Talgarth(formerly known as Brecon and Radnor Joint Counties Lunatic Asylum) today. We had driven past before but didn’t have the time to stop and have a proper look. From reading other people’s reports I was...
  2. Toriii

    Report - Newquay house 28/07/2020

    Came across this lovely abandoned house, great to see lots of over grown parts. Not very stable looking on the outside but inside was a little better, may have been flats at one point just due to some signs in the building. Great to look around the BMW has been there for many years atleast 8...
  3. Yoshimitsu93

    Report - Abandoned Farmhouse - Worcestershire - Feb 2020

    Still going through the various photos I have stored away on my laptop.. so I may as well make a post out of this location. @Narg1992 and myself stumbled across this building back in February while driving through Romsley! Although it was easily accessible at the time, workmen had already...
  4. Jamie94

    General - Aarol Johnston Car Factory/ Gates / interfloor Dumfries SCOTLAND visited June 2nd 2019

    Hello and thank you for visiting my first thread. This is the first time i have ever reported about what i found so bare with me until i get the hang of things please. Much appreciated. This place is a site i have visited many times over the last 2/3 years but this time was the first time i...