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  1. Webbs0710

    Report - Alyn Brick, Tile and Terracotta Works, Coed Talon, May/July 22

    Finally got around to visiting here for the first time earlier in the year on an Urbex trip to North Wales. Didn't do much research prior to the explore, so I went only expecting the remains of a brickworks, I didn't realise the site has been used by various industries over it's life. The...
  2. Webbs0710

    Report - Crumlin Navigation Colliery, Crumlin, South Wales, March 2022

    Been past here a few times on my travels in Wales, finally got around to giving it a go on the way home from one of my Penallta visits. Timed the visit well, somebody was home, but they left by the time we had scoped the site. I don't know if the heritage group is still active or not, got the...
  3. CallaWolf

    Report - Rheola Coach House - Aug '21

    This was an unplanned visit - saw an opportunity as I drove past and, thankfully, took it. It's worth noting that, should you visit, the gatehouse is occupied by an irate lady and at least two Great Danes. She wasn't best pleased to see me as I was leaving History The Coach House and stables...