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  1. Webbs0710

    Deep Mine Headstocks, Part 1, The Midlands, Various Locations, 2022-23

    I've always had a bit of a fascination with Headstocks, they're relics of a bygone era in Britain's industrial heritage. Collieries especially pique my interest, as each coal field generally made use of vastly different designs, so each remaining Headstock is relatively unique. The more modern...
  2. inksurgeon

    Video - George Barnsley and Son's | Sheffield FPV

    WONDERLAND | FPV Going down the rabbit hole into this incredible factory lost in time. Really felt like something out of Alice in wonderland going throuh that hole, from a modern graf factory into something thats been frozen and nature has taken over. Been in this location many many years ago...
  3. Daniel Scotcher

    Video - RAF Upwood - May 2020

    Hi All I just got back into urban exploring and took a day visit to RAF Upwood, also being into video production along with drones with a strong background in photography I made a video and wanted to share with all. This site is due to be demolished very soon!!! Now I am planning to male more...
  4. A

    Report - Young Pioneer Palace, Georgia - Oct 2019

    The Palace was built in 1960 in the Imereti Region of Georgia. As part of the Soviet educational system, pioneer palaces were a crucial propaganda programme to the Communist regime of the Soviet Union. They were a mass youth organisation for children of age 9–15 that existed between 1922 and...
  5. Abandoned-Sheffield

    Report - Sheffield Ski Village - July 2019

    Sadly there is pretty much nothing left at the Sheffield Ski Village. In fact, soon it will be hardly recognisable that the site was ever used to be the skiing centre! Nether the less, this was something on our list that we'd wanted to see for a while so we made our way up into the Sheffield...
  6. D

    Report - Rock Nook Mill - Littleborough (With Drone footage)

    The History Rock Nook mill was originally the home of Fothergill and Harvey which was founded in 1847, as a partnership between Thomas Fothergill and Alexander Harvey, the company has been producing technical textiles since 1848. Originally, fabrics were woven from natural fibres such as cotton...
  7. J

    Information - Camelot on Britain by Drone

    Hi, Just to let people know there’s been a section on Britian by Drone on channel 4 tonight. Plus 4od (includes ex staff members and clips of Park when opened.
  8. M

    Video - Healey Mills Train Yard

    Short cinematic take on urbex - no shaky gopro footage I promise! Healey mills and dudfleet mill are only a couple of miles apart so visited both one morning to create this short. Thanks for watching!