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  1. G

    Hi everyone

    Hi is there anyone about the north east/Durham area who also loves exploring cool places and abandoned buildings. Would love to have more friends into this stuff!
  2. Reesree

    Report - Easington colliery school - Durham - 8/20

    Easington colliery school opened in the early 1900's and closed its doors in 1997. I visited here yesterday (8/20) I don't know too much on the history of this place other than it being a primary school but it's 20+ year abandoned, Got to be one of the most saturated soggy explores I've done...
  3. I

    Report - Ammunition Depot

    We found this old abandoned ammunition depot in Brasside, Durham, Near Frankland prison. It was a ministry of supply ammunition depot for new ammunition and bulk explosives for the Royal Ordnance Factories during World War ll. It was pretty cool, lots to explore! There was a lot of old farming...
  4. motoguzzi

    Report - Ushaw College & Pool, Durham - March 2020

    Done to death but just had my pics developed and thought it may interest some to see a different take on Ushaw maybe?? Idk I've received positive comments on my previous reports regarding my use of film. By far the most photogenic part of this place is the Pool so thanks to the lads I bumped...
  5. Hvdes

    Lead or Rumour info - Durham City Baths Demolished

    Me and my group went to try and get some photos in the Durham city baths, however the demolition has has begun and therefore is no possible entrances and the building will most likely be demolished completely in the next 2 weeks, RIP Durham baths 2k19. Hvdes