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eastern germany

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  1. Wastelandr

    Report - Brown Coal Power Stations, Brandenburg - September 2023

    Back in September I did a big roadtrip in the Brandenburg region of Germany (around Berlin) with two non-forum friends. It was our first time going on a dedicated urbex trip abroad and getting a hire car, although after some last-minute planning we managed it. Alongside some industrial ruins, we...
  2. Wastelandr

    Into the Zone: East Germany's Soviet Bases - September 2023

    Once again, I find myself doing a mega report. Every time I tell myself I’ll make it shorter, only to end up writing more. I’ve done a big intro here to set the scene but there’s plenty. I’ve got to thank UrbanX from DP and @The_Raw for some general advice on visiting these bases. We didn’t get...
  3. ForgottenBuildings

    Report - Rittergut R - Germany - Aug, 2020

    History: The first time this old grand castle got mentioned in history was all the way back in medieval times. During this time, this castle was in the hands of a wealthy royal family. There were even multiple wars fought over the land surrounding this castle. In the 1600s the castle was hit...