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  1. Wappy

    Report - Eggborough Power Station, Feb 2020

    My Visit This was my second attempt here got caught the first time but i wasnt giving up. This was probably one of the hardest ive done not because of secca, altho they are on the ball, but more the size of the place and trying to get round. The History Eggborough Power Station was a large...
  2. jaws

    Report - Bowman's Flour Mill - Eggborough (March 2019)

    Visited with @ShutterBug and @JXM3ST. We were inspired to go here after seeing reports from @The Amateur Wanderer and @AndyK seeing as it is only just up the road from us, though we were sorely disappointed to find that Hudson Ward Mill in Goole had been reduced to a pile of rubble...