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  1. fastchrisuk

    Report - Dairycrest visit, Devon - May 2023

    Dairycrest, an abandoned milk based factory in Devon has probably been done to death by many on this site but it's the first time in years I found myself in this part of the world! I'd read about a fire here which apparently occurred in March 2023 so I wasn't sure if the site would still be...
  2. Lotusisok

    Report - Argyle Works, Birmingham - April 2023

    (as of 29/04/23) Argyle Works in Birmingham is an abandoned 19th century factory. There isn't an awful lot I could find about its history sadly. I'm sure there's a lot behind this place. The access for this place is fairly obvious and if you're on the larger side you may have a very tight...
  3. Nyrian

    Report - Springside Paper Mill Complex - Belmont - Jul 2021 & Aug 2022

    History: Originally belonging to John Livesey who had previously run paper mills at Prestolee & Springfield. Paper was made continuously since 1834. At this time rags & textiles were recycled to make paper; wood pulp was not used in papermaking until about 1910 meaning Livesey's enterprise did...
  4. DTFreedom

    Report - Ogre Heating Plant - Ogre, Latvia - October 2020

    Once upon a time during the year 1965, a big factory was built, at that time one of the largest buildings by footprint in the world. People moved from all across the country to work in this factory, but they needed a place to stay so Mālkalne was built - the first neighbourhood of what would...
  5. Yoshimitsu93

    Report - New Hawne Colliery - Halesowen - Feb 2020

    This is only our second thread (myself & @Narg1992). We thought we may as well post while we are in lockdown due to the amount of photos we have lying around! So as we are local to Halesowen we thought we might as well check out the New Hawne Colliery. Unfortunately we dont have much history on...
  6. S

    Report - Seaplane factory Anglesey

    Anglesey Seaplane Factory now abandoned just past Beaumaris on the way to Penmon - some outside and upstairs shots taken Wednesday see other two posts for photos of inside hangar
  7. dansgas1000

    Report - Grampian Poultry Factory, Norfolk - July 2019

    Happy Saturday everyone. This time last week and my friend decided to take a trip to one of my favourite places in the area, an old poultry factory located on the outskirts of a Norfolk town. This site has been abandoned which closed 11 years ago due to the reduction in demand for breaded...