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farm house

  1. OhMyDais

    Report - Abandoned Farm House - Kidderminster - September 2021

    There’s not much history to this location, it was once lived in by an unknown family and is surrounded by still used farming land, which suggests it was a house for farming staff or even family. It’s off the A449, Torton. I have lived in Kidderminster all 18 years of my life and I can always...
  2. RandomPanicPanda

    Report - Old Parkbury - St Albans - July 2021

    HISTORY There wasn’t much I could find online unfortunately, it’s been a Grade II listed building since 1971. ~Farmhouse. C15-16. Early-mid C19 casing. Timber frame. Yellow stock brick front. Plain tile hipped roof. 2 storeys. 5 recessed sash windows, those of left and right centre blank...
  3. Samus


    I had wanted to visit this site for a long time, I had previously gone there but at the time, I couldn't see a way to get in that wouldn't perhaps pose a risk to myself & as I was solo, I put a pin in it for another day. This time however I had company and it was on! Surrounded by woodland...
  4. Exploringwithrubyanna

    Report - Forgotten house in Derbyshire

    So I came across this location not far from a newly built up area so was pretty strange this house was still here. There was a gate around the area but it was unlocked. It was a small farm house with a few outbuildings. Inside it was full of belongings and memories but sadly people were...
  5. motoguzzi

    Report - Wolf Cleugh Farm, Weardale - September 2020

    Can’t find much info on this farm but it appears to of been derelict for quite some time. The place is pretty wrecked (part of it has completely collapsed) and empty but still makes for some decent pictures. Shot on Kodak Portra 800 and Ilford FP4: Cheers for viewing!
  6. UrbexTreasure

    Report - Farm House - Cambridgeshire - June 2018

    Two farm houses with sheltered storage buildings located in the village of Thorney which I believe are the least structurally sound buildings that I have been in and an old beat up landrover discovery. It has since been demolished so no longer exists but was on the edge of the village and access...
  7. Travelshareblog

    Report - Bleak House Farm - Norfolk - June 2020

    What happened here just over 20 years ago shook and divided the nation, and if brought up in conversation today I dare bet it still would. I don't need to go in to the details, but the breif history is that three scum bags came to repeat a robbery of the home of a 50 year old hard working farm...
  8. Wappy

    Report - Hound Farm, Haxey, October 2019

    My Visit This is yet again something i came accross while on route to something else. I nearly didnt post this just because of the lack of info available. But thanks to @Yorrick and his help here we are. Sorry about the only external i got i could of swore i got a better one. The History (of...
  9. kvtie9

    Farm house, Gloucestershire, 08/09/19

    Photos are taken all off iPhone XR. Will be returning to take photos off my camera, not much information on this place, just a house which was filled! Obviously a hoarders house by the looks of it.
  10. S

    Report - St Martha's Hill Farm, Guildford

    A quick mid afternoon explore to this low key, easy to access farm proved some cool photos. Perfect for beginners or nervous explores due to being on a public footpath and no difficult entry. Most of the farm barns / warehouses where all open, bar a few locked up ones. It would appear to be a...
  11. SoutheasternExplorer

    Report - Tyting Farm, Guildford, Surrey

    Not much information on this place. Was just walking by (on the way to explore a gunpowder mill) and saw the security signs and boarded up windows, so of course I had to explore. The main farm house is boarded up and completely inaccessible Some of the buildings are locked, however a lot of...
  12. motoguzzi

    Report - Abandoned Farm - Durham, March 2019

    Only had one roll of film on me for this one so a little rushed but a nice explore nonetheless. From what we could gather this place has only been abandoned since about 2008 despite the 70's vibe. Abandoned Farm - Durham by James Brydon, on Flickr Abandoned Farm - Durham by James Brydon, on...
  13. LittleOwl

    Report - Llangewydd Court Farm, Bridgend - December 18

    So, since discovering this place via satellite and passing up on a chance to visit it previously, I absolutely had to go back to this place when I got let of of work early unexpectedly. The site is relatively close to where I live and on my first drive past it, I knew it was going to be a very...
  14. msbc

    Report - Farm House - Drumnadrochit, Scotland. August 2018

    Background/History Enjoying my holiday in Scotland a few weeks back when coming across what appeared to be an abandoned farm house seemed like an added bonus. It was by sheer accident I found this when I decided to carry on driving up the road where my b&b was located. Upon discovering this...
  15. Alice o123

    Report - Newmoor Farm House, Longframlington

    Recently I have been searching online for abandoned buildings to visit and came across photos from an abandoned farmhouse in the Longframlington area of Northumberland. I didn’t know where the house was so I decided to go on an adventure to find it. After nearly getting my car stuck and...
  16. Provingdemons


    The home of a disgraced doctor, left to rot. The location is simple enough to find though it is directly off a busy road, once in, there are many rooms and pathways to wander around. Old books ripped up and layed around the building, and even a swimming pool out back.
  17. cjexplores

    Report - Minley Manor/Farm House - Hampshire -

    Visited Minley Manor yesterday after seeing another report on it. Of course i chose the best day to go (on a snow day) but to be fair because of this, there was no one around especially it being next to a public footpath. My history tends to be pretty rubbish and i never go into much detail...