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  1. Samus


    I had wanted to visit this site for a long time, I had previously gone there but at the time, I couldn't see a way to get in that wouldn't perhaps pose a risk to myself & as I was solo, I put a pin in it for another day. This time however I had company and it was on! Surrounded by woodland...
  2. 7

    Farm near Blackpool

    History This farm goes back to the 1880’s but was most recently inhabited by Thomas and Mary Cowell. The farm was working up until 2013 when Thomas unfortunately passed away. The house had always been in Mary’s family and she sadly passed away in 2017. There isn’t much information on what’s...
  3. motoguzzi

    Report - Wolf Cleugh Farm, Weardale - September 2020

    Can’t find much info on this farm but it appears to of been derelict for quite some time. The place is pretty wrecked (part of it has completely collapsed) and empty but still makes for some decent pictures. Shot on Kodak Portra 800 and Ilford FP4: Cheers for viewing!
  4. Travelshareblog

    Report - Bleak House Farm - Norfolk - June 2020

    What happened here just over 20 years ago shook and divided the nation, and if brought up in conversation today I dare bet it still would. I don't need to go in to the details, but the breif history is that three scum bags came to repeat a robbery of the home of a 50 year old hard working farm...
  5. Rusty shell urbex

    Report - Hazel farm - Herefordshire November 2019

    This farm has been abandoned since May 2019 and was owned by a tractor engineer
  6. Rusty shell urbex

    Report - Village farm - mid wales 11/08/19

    village farm - mid wales
  7. Yoshimitsu93

    Report - Abandoned Farmhouse - Worcestershire - Feb 2020

    Still going through the various photos I have stored away on my laptop.. so I may as well make a post out of this location. @Narg1992 and myself stumbled across this building back in February while driving through Romsley! Although it was easily accessible at the time, workmen had already...
  8. Five.Claws

    Report - Quebec Farmhouse, Norfolk - Late 2016

    With the down-time going on I thought I'd use the opportunity to look through some old reports and photos; unfortunately there's not much I've got which is worth posting that I haven't already. However, I did notice that my original report (my first on 28DL) on this location seems to have...
  9. Five.Claws

    Report - Leeder & Sons Ltd Grain Mill & Granary - Long Stratton, Norfolk - March 2020

    Well, there's no place more self-isolating than an abandoned granary miles from civilisation, so with that excuse ready to use on any military checkpoints and/or Gestapo patrols, today I ventured off into the Norfolk countryside on this (perhaps sarcastically) beautiful March afternoon. I'd...
  10. LostPlacesForgottenFaces

    Report - Cow Dyke Farm - Harrogate, England - Feb 2020

    Cow Dyke Farm Harrogate, England February 2020 - HISTORY Cow Dyke Farm is a derilict farm complex located between Killinghall and Harrogate in North Yorkshire that has been unoccupied since 2010. The farm has been the victim of two suspected arson attacks in recent years. There was a fire...
  11. ARKJ91

    General - Abandoned Barn/Mill, South Yorkshire

    Hi guys, my 1st post so please be nice, sorry i dont really know alot about this place, looks like it could have been some kind of farm, barn or mill maybe?
  12. SoutheasternExplorer

    Report - Tyting Farm, Guildford, Surrey

    Not much information on this place. Was just walking by (on the way to explore a gunpowder mill) and saw the security signs and boarded up windows, so of course I had to explore. The main farm house is boarded up and completely inaccessible Some of the buildings are locked, however a lot of...
  13. motoguzzi

    Report - Abandoned Farm - Durham, March 2019

    Only had one roll of film on me for this one so a little rushed but a nice explore nonetheless. From what we could gather this place has only been abandoned since about 2008 despite the 70's vibe. Abandoned Farm - Durham by James Brydon, on Flickr Abandoned Farm - Durham by James Brydon, on...
  14. R.Victoria

    Report - Egg Farm - Southport (March 2019)

    Visited with @Exploring With Chiggles (First Report - Excuse how bad it is) History Theres very little I can find about this place but: First opened in 1960 and closed in 2007. In 2013 there was a fire which local firefighters managed to contain the fire to one area on the 3 acre site...
  15. LittleOwl

    Report - Llangewydd Court Farm, Bridgend - December 18

    So, since discovering this place via satellite and passing up on a chance to visit it previously, I absolutely had to go back to this place when I got let of of work early unexpectedly. The site is relatively close to where I live and on my first drive past it, I knew it was going to be a very...
  16. Alice o123

    Report - Newmoor Farm House, Longframlington

    Recently I have been searching online for abandoned buildings to visit and came across photos from an abandoned farmhouse in the Longframlington area of Northumberland. I didn’t know where the house was so I decided to go on an adventure to find it. After nearly getting my car stuck and...