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  1. KPUrban_

    Report - Louise Margret Maternity Hospital, Aldershot - November 2019

    Cambridge Military Hospital. CMH Dates back to 1879 as the fourth of the Hospitals in Aldershot with the first of these two having closed by the time of CMH's opening the third, the Cannaught Hospital, closing in 1973. CMH was named after the duke of Cambridge opening in June 1879. The hospitals...
  2. Llama

    Report - NGTE Pyestock Anechoic Facility Noise Test Chamber, Farnborough - November 2019

    "Everyone needs a good slice of Pyestock"... And I couldn't agree more! For a good few weeks, @Olkka and I had been planning something on a miniature road trip to Pyestock, and with a somewhat considerable amount of chopping and changing to our provisional dates, we finally followed through...