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  1. KPUrban_

    Report - Ferrybridge C Power Station - March 2020

    Ferrybridge C Power Station - Just North East Of Pontefract - Feb/March 2020 Introduction I had been wanting to do this one for a year or so by now and never really got round to it. This turned out to be a rather interesting night consisting of broken tripods, unusual encounters, muddy...
  2. LashedLlama

    Report - Ferrybridge C Power Station, West Yorkshire - February 2020

    Explored with @slayaaaa, @Terminal Decline and @xplorer.x History: Ferrybridge Power Station in West Yorkshire was commissioned by the Central Electricity Generating Board and was built between 1962 and 1968. The ‘C’ Station was the third power station to be built at Ferrybridge. In addition to...