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fire damage

  1. pinkprints

    Report - Old Bakery Visit

    Only a quick report this time.. A few from my last visit to Coalville. I spotted this whilst driving and thought it would be rude not to stop. Photos only taken on my phone so a bit pants... What do I already know? This is a large 3 storey stone and brick building that was built in the 60’s...
  2. Timpro_

    General - Birnbeck pier

    This pier has a lot of history so I'll try to keep it simple. It opened on the 5th of June 1867. Improvements were made and things like trams, life boat houses and jetty were added. There was a fire in 1897 which damaged the main building. A new pavilion and low water jetty was build a couple of...
  3. Alexia3

    Report - Langley Prep School September 2020

    So this was my first time exploring and I was super nervous about being caught on site. Luckily I saw nobody and no-one saw me. As you can see from my pics the building is tightly boarded and fenced, but it was still cool to be there. I've been to a few other places since this explore and will...
  4. VDUBJack

    Report - Paddock Gyhll Farm House, Horsham AUG 2020

    This place was a lot bigger then I originally thought... Went for a look around this place some interesting bits but unfortunately it’s pretty battered and decayed, but there are a lot of creepy looking kids toys and baby dolls around which I’d imagine a lot of people have moved for photos but...
  5. T

    Report - Rural country house Surrey, England July 2020

    On Friday 3rd July 2020, I set off cycling from my home in South London to Brighton. The only thing on my mind was completing the 55 mile ride within 5 - 6 hours. At around 26 miles in, way out in the surrey country side on a road, I pulled into a clearing to consult my map. The clearing lead to...
  6. G

    Report - West Sussex Industrial Unit - June 2020

    This was mine and my wife's 2nd explore. It was great fun with lots to look at and lots to question. I couldn't find much history on the place other than a major fire on one of the units in August 2016. Based on what is left behind, like the TV, an election poster and the caravan, I would hazard...
  7. theurbexgroup

    Report - Huge Fire at Horncliffe Mansion, Edenfield - August 2019

    Visited this place few years back and was one of my first explores. Such an awesome place! Unfortunately there are people who damage derelict places with possibility of causing fires. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/live-huge-fire-rips-through-16825732
  8. Crissisdecon

    Report - The Ropery Inn Pub (Lincolnshire)

    History: this pub has been in business for around 100 years, although there is very little history about the building there are pictures online from the 1940's of the building during a flood. The Ropery inn was closed due to fire damage, when the building caught fire around 15 firemen arrived...